Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for creating your online dating profile

Creating a online dating profile and posting it on a site of your interest can definitely increase your chances of meeting friends or even that special someone. But when it comes to creating their dating profile most people have trouble speaking about themselves. Some people prefer to be discovered in person, others do not find bragging about themselves very appealing and consider the whole description as being too subjective.

However, since a profile description is the first thing people see about you it is important to provide a few details that would hopefully spark the interest of the people reading it. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what attracts them or makes them curious in finding out more so covering more than one topic has a greater chance of getting people to continue reading rather than skipping to the next profile.

To break some of the ice of addressing total strangers it is helpful to give some details about your background, educations, life principles, hobbies and interests and what you are looking for in a possible match. This will ensure that the reader of your profile is not overwhelmed with self characterization and only receives introductory details about yourself. Steer away from vague descriptions as most people will be interested in finding out realistic details about who you are and what your are looking for.  And most importantly try to write everything in a fun, coherent tone and maybe even put a touch of humor and your own personality in your profile description.

Some websites facilitate the 'get to know' process by allowing members to ask a set of questions on a variety of topics: lifestyle, politics, sports, current events, etc. This provides a great tool to know someone better by reading about their views and seeing if there really is a compatibility with what they are looking for. By answering those questions your profile will be more complete and you will also have a chance in expressing and sharing your opinions with others. There are a variety of other tools made available by websites' developers which make creating a online dating profile quite fun: compatibility tests, zodiac signs compatibility, select questions.

Filling out an online questionnaire for a dating profile can take a little while but it is worth putting your best form into it. Remember, your profile should be interesting but not overwhelmingly detailed and it should make people want to find out more about you!